4 Ways to Manage Pain After Hip Replacement Surgery In Effective Manner

4 Ways to Manage Pain After Hip Replacement Surgery In Effective Manner

1) Take Your Medication Regularly

It’s important to take your medication regularly in the days and first week that follow surgery. If you lower your dose without consulting your physician, you may notice spikes of pain at night, have trouble sleeping, and actually roadblock your own ability to complete the necessary steps in your recovery.

2) Icing as A Pain Reliever

Your physician will probably recommend that you ice up to four times a day, for 10-15 minutes at a time. Icing multiple times a day can cut down inflammation and swelling, which can help in reducing pain.

3) Keep-Up with Recovery Exercises

Although doing your recovery exercises may hurt you for that while but do them regularly, they’ll pay off hugely in the long run. It’s important to fight through a bit of short-term pain for long-term gain. However, do not push through pain that exceeds your comfort level.

4) Try Pain Management Alternatives

Meditation to manage pain may seem a little odd, but for many patients, it has really worked out. We’ve talked to countless patients who said they were reluctant to perform guided mindfulness meditations but found themselves recalling these lessons in the hospital to calm down and reduce pain. Practicing mindfulness is also very helpful at many points throughout recovery. Uteshiya Medicare is one of the top manufacturers of Orthopedic implants and instruments. We know that these are to be inserted into a body and used for performing different surgeries, which means that their quality must adhere to the high-quality standards. Each of our orthopedic implant and instrument undergoes strict quality surveillance along with required documentation. And hence ensures that high quality standards is maintained at every phase during the manufacturing. For more details call us at: +91 9998957054.

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