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Living with a Cervical Cage: Tips for a Healthy and Active Lifestyle

Introduction A cervical cage is an implant that is used to support the neck spine after surgery or in cases of spinal deterioration. Cervical Cage Spinal Implant supports and speeds up the healing of broken or injured cervical discs, allowing people to move again and live a full life. It is crucial to adjust to […]

Cortical vs. Cancellous Screws: Understanding the Differences – A Quick Guide

Screws are critical components used in orthopedic surgery for bone fixation and implant stability. Cortical screws and cancellous screws are two popular types of screws used in these treatments. Each screw type has unique properties and applications. Different Types of Screws Orthopedic surgeons have a variety of screw alternatives at their disposal, each customized to […]