Smart Implants: The Next Frontier in Medical Device Technology, 2024

Smart Implants The Next Frontier in Medical Device Technology, 2024

The medical field is rising quickly because more and more new medical device companies are starting. More and more people are becoming ill or injured and needing specialized care. Therefore, there’s a great demand for companies to develop new ideas and technology.

Due to innovations in computing power, new medical device companies are creating methods that eliminate the need for conventional surgical tools, allowing surgeons to execute more complex surgeries with less risk. 

Discovering the benefits of the new technology, other hospitals started providing patients with specialist equipment.

In order to better serve their patients, more and more doctors are incorporating medical devices into their practice. New technology has boosted market competitiveness, which in turn has lowered prices for consumers.

Medicinal device startups

A medical device startup is a group of individuals working together to create new medical devices. Their goal in creating these medical devices is to enhance people’s health and well-being. 

Many new businesses are deciding to use AI to its full potential in order to revolutionize healthcare and provide game-changing products to consumers.

Anyone with a background in science or medicine and a vision for bettering current medical technology is likely to be the driving force behind the creation of a medical device company.

Developing innovative technologies that can aid patients is the primary goal of medical device companies. 

These devices include prosthetic limbs, artificial organs, and others that cure a variety of disorders. There are research applications for these new technologies as well.

Top medical device companies that are changing healthcare

Which startups in the medical device industry are immediately recognizable? Have you given any thought to the variety of new home healthcare goods or the latest advancements in prosthetics technology? 

There are a lot of new medical device companies popping up every year, so we looked through all of them to find the ones we think will be the most promising.

1. ZygoFix

The next revolutionary medical device startup is ZygoFix, a medical company that has created a one-of-a-kind implant to accomplish spinal fusion using the most discreet method.

Their innovation relies on a small implant that can fuse and stabilize the spine without the need for screws. 

In addition, the unique titanium structure changes its shape during implantation to fit the complex anatomy of the synovial joint while yet being strong enough to withstand the loaded joint.

2. Medical Microinstruments 

For microsurgery, hand smoothing.

Through the use of sutures that are sometimes narrower than a human hair’s diameter, microsurgery enables surgeons to access and operate on blood arteries and nerves as small as 1 mm. 

New Supermicro NanoWrist tools, included in the most recent edition of Medical Microinstruments’ robotic Symani Surgical System, enable surgeons to access and operate on veins, arteries, and lymphatic ducts with a diameter of as little as 0.3 mm in 2022. 

The system’s motion-scaling features make suturing more precise and less prone to hand tremors for the surgeon. 

Replantations of fingers and toes, lymphatic procedures, and reconstruction of the head, neck, and breast are all possible with their help after damage. 

In spite of the lack of US clearance, the system has earned the CE certification in Europe. Medical Microinstruments raised $75 million and received 12 further patents in 2022.

3. Bigfoot Biomedical

To develop a more intelligent method of controlling diabetes.

More than three million Americans deal with diabetes every day, and those individuals must manually calculate their insulin dosage based on their carbohydrate consumption. 

Bigfoot Biomedical’s diabetes management system, Bigfoot Unity, started a limited commercial deployment in 2022. 

It leverages data from Abbott’s Freestyle Libre 2 continuous blood glucose monitor and smart pen caps to propose insulin dosages for diabetic patients on multiple daily injection treatments. 

Unity, which received FDA clearance in 2021, comes with a backup blood glucose monitor, test strips, extra Freestyle Libre 2 sensors, pen needles, and smart pen caps that work with all major brands of disposable insulin pens, including long-lasting and rapid-acting. 

Patients may get real-time feedback from doctors who can use the system to track their progress and make adjustments as needed, saving time and avoiding unnecessary clinic visits. 

Bigfoot predicted roughly $5 million in sales for 2022, and after that year, the business intends to increase Unity distribution through a retail pharmacy and a specialist pharmacy.

4. Scopio Labs

To improve blood cell counting with technology.

The annual number of blood tests is in the billions. The peripheral blood smear is one of the most popular tests, and it is still mostly performed by a person checking for abnormalities by manually counting the cells under a microscope. 

In order to automate the analysis of peripheral blood smear tests, Scopio Labs has built an AI platform. 

In June, the FDA gave the go-light to the business’s 40-sample-per-hour system. Bone marrow samples are notoriously hard to evaluate; however, Scopio is releasing a platform to scan and digitally analyze these samples, which will cut review times by more than 60%. 

Scopio established a relationship with the world’s second-largest medical equipment distributor, Beckman Coulter, and secured $50 million in investment in 2022. 

5. Neocis

Revolutionize dental implant surgery.

Another revolutionary medical device company, Neocis, is using innovative robots to revolutionize dental implant surgery. 

Improved patient care and the competence of dental surgeons are the primary goals of this medical company’s usage of modern technology.

Dental surgeons and the Neocis team work together to identify and address surgical and therapeutic obstacles. 

Improving patient care and quality of life is their top priority, and they are always looking for new ways to innovate.

6. Integrum

To improve the retention of prostheses.

The conventional method of attaching a prosthetic limb involves suctioning a socket onto the limb. 

This isn’t easy to put on or take off, and it can be uncomfortable and restrict your range of motion. 

The Swedish company Integrum created the three-part OPRA Implant System, which fastens the prosthesis to an anchor using screws. Scientific research has proven that it enhances general health by providing more mobility and control. 

The FDA approved OPRA’s limb-loss technology in December 2020 after a 12-year clinical study procedure. 

Integrum started partnering with 14 of the top 20 hospitals in the US in 2022 after focusing on OPRA introductions to American hospital partners. With a 45% increase in 2022, the company’s US business was successful.

7. Uteshiya Medicare Private Limited

Since its establishment in 2013, Uteshiya Medicare Private Limited an innovative company of the renowned Uteshiya Group of Industries has been instrumental in transforming precision healthcare. 

When it comes to precision import replacement orthopedic implants, Uteshiya Medicare is your go-to for innovative solutions for all your medical needs.

Joint replacements, spine implants, trauma implants, and sports medicine implants are all part of Uteshiya Medicare’s extensive portfolio. 

The organization meets the changing demands of both patients and doctors by providing a comprehensive range of orthopedic treatments. 

Diversity is an important part of Uteshiya Medicare’s strategy to advance healthcare technology in all areas.

Wrapping It Up

There are just a few major companies in the medical device sector, yet they control over 50% of the market. Medical device companies must provide something really special if they want to make it big.

Thus, each of the mentioned medical device companies is addressing a previously unmet need. They are making advancements in technology that will have a positive impact on people’s lives. 

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