BUDGET 2017- What’s in Store for Medical Implants and Drugs Industry

BUDGET 2017- What’s in Store for Medical Implants and Drugs Industry

With this year’s budget plan the government plans to amend the drugs and medical devices rules to make them more affordable and available at reasonable prices. The main focus is kept on the new rules regarding medical devices, aiming to attract investments in this sector to ensure the availability of the medicines and medical implants at much lower prices. Also according to the budget proposal 1.5 lakh health sub-centers will be transformed into health and wellness centers.

Two new AIIMS Hospitals were proposed in the year’s budget, these are going to be set up in Gujarat and Jharkhand. Structural reform in medical education and practices, In order to increase the no’s of Doctors was also one of the main points. The finance minister also stated that they will encourage several well-reputed hospitals across the country to start DNB courses.

Over the past few years there has been a demand to increase the focus on medical sector and to make healthcare affordable for the people. In this year’s Budget, there was also an increased focus on the medical delivery accessibility in the rural areas. Overall the government has introduced certain measures to make the drugs and medical devices cheaper and affordable for all.

The government has also prepared a plan to eliminate certain diseases like kala-azar, filariasis, measles and tuberculosis etc.

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