A Guide to the Best Orthopedic Implant Companies to Watch in 2023

A Guide to the Best Orthopedic Implant Companies to Watch in 2023In the two years since the COVID-19 pandemic, the orthopedic sector has rebounded. Orthopedics’ 2021 top line increased $6.1 billion, or 12.8% YoY, to $53.6 billion. Orthopedics also has supply-chain issues. Orthopedics is expected to grow 3.2% yearly to $55.3 billion in 2022. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, 2022 expansions were comparable.

This article discusses the 10 top orthopedic implants manufacturers in the world. These orthopedic implants suppliers can be either publicly traded or privately held.


New technology constantly shapes the orthopedic device industry. Because of their expertise, knowledge, and resources, orthopedics corporations engage in research and purchase startups. They can manufacture in large quantities to sell across many marketplaces at low prices. Several top orthopedic implants manufacturers provide surgeon-specific training.

Orthopedic doctors that stay current help patients. You can propose devices that fit your patients’ demands and budgets after comparing manufacturers. Top orthopedic implants manufacturers’ R&D spending predicts new equipment and therapies for patients.

1) Johnson & Johnson – DePuy Synthes

Johnson & Johnson’s DePuy Synthes, an orthopedic implant company, creates innovative medical implants for use in fields including orthopedics and neurosurgery. They’re committed to tailoring their services to the specific requirements of both patients and surgeons.

2) Stryker

The Stryker Corporation is well-known for developing and manufacturing innovative medical implants and tools. Stryker has constantly produced ground-breaking technology to improve patient outcomes across a wide range of medical specialties, including joint replacements, trauma, spine, and sports medicine.

3) Medtronic

Orthopedic implants and devices from Medtronic, a world leader in medical technology. Their specialty is spine solutions, and they provide cutting-edge implants and navigation technologies to boost surgical accuracy and speed up patients’ recoveries.

4) Orthofix

Orthofix reconstructs bones and joints. Orthofix’s extensive product portfolio stresses innovation and patient care. External fixation stabilizes fractures and limb restoration. Orthofix’s bone growth stimulators heal nonunion fractures. Their orthopedic braces give tailored spinal support, joint stability, and post-operative recovery. Patients and physicians trust Orthofix’s orthopedic therapy.

5) Globus Medical

Globus Medical makes spinal implants and surgery. Interbody cages, pedicle screws, and posterior fixation devices stabilize, align, and fuse the spine. Globus Medical pioneers less-invasive techniques and implants. These innovations increase surgical precision, tissue preservation, and recovery. Globus Medical is a trusted spinal surgery brand that improves patient outcomes.

6) Enovis

Trauma implants are Enovis’ specialty. They offer trauma implants including plates, screws, nails, and external fixation devices. Enovis’ trauma implants stabilize, repair fractures, and restore bone function.

The orthopedic implant company’s precision instrumentation aids orthopedic trauma implant insertion. Enovis’ quality and innovation enable surgeons to treat serious wounds and improve patient outcomes.

7) Uteshiya Medicare

Uteshiya Medicare makes premium orthopedic implants. They restore mobility through accurate, durable hip, knee, shoulder, and elbow replacements. Uteshiya Medicare implants spinal fusion, disc herniation, and abnormalities. Plates, screws, and intramedullary nails cure fractures and trauma. Surgeons trust Uteshiya Medicare products for healing and bone integrity. Uteshiya Medicare leads orthopedic implants by improving patient lives.

8) NuVasive

NuVasive is a medical device orthopedic implant company with a focus on spinal implants and related surgical procedures. Their dedication to minimally invasive procedures has changed the face of spinal surgery, leading to less time in the hospital and improved health outcomes.

9) Smith+Nephew

Smith+Nephew: Smith+Nephew is dedicated to creating innovative solutions for use in orthopedic surgery, sports medicine, and trauma care. Their dedication to innovation has led to implants that provide patients with more freedom of movement and help them get well more quickly.

10) Zimmer Biomet

Zimmer Biomet is an industry-leading provider of orthopedic implants for use in everything from joint replacement to spine care to orthopedic trauma. They are at the forefront of their field because of the cutting-edge technology they’ve developed, such as 3D printing and robots.

Top 10 Best Orthopedic Implants Manufacturing Companies

The top 10 orthopedic implant firms are changing the medical sector. These top orthopedic implant companies are advancing orthopedic treatments with innovative concepts and technology.

Company Name Products Supply Reviews/Ratings
Johnson & Johnson –
DePuy Synthes
Joint replacements
Trauma Implants
Spinal Solutions
Sports Medicine Devices
Innovative Products
Advanced Surgical Techniques
Strong Clinical Support
Stryker Trauma implants spine systems
Sports medicine devices
Provide innovative technologies
like robotic surgery and 3D printing.
Advanced surgical techniques
Product Quality Reliability
Patient Satisfaction
Medtronic Navigational Systems,
Spinal Implants
Minimally Invasive Surgical Tools.
Technological Advancements
Precision Implants
Surgical Innovation
Orthofix Bone and Joint Reconstruction
Trauma and Spinal Fusion
External Fixation Systems
Bone Growth Stimulators
Orthopedic Bracing Solutions
Bone Healing and
Fracture Fixation
Effective Treatment Options
Globus Medical Manufacturing Spinal Implants
and Surgical Solutions.
Products for Spinal Fusion Implants
Vertebral Compression Fracture
Advanced Spinal Implants
Innovative Technologies
Surgical Techniques.
Enovis Manufacturing Orthopedic
Trauma implants,
like Plates, Screws, Nails,
and External Fixation Systems.
High-Quality Trauma Implants,
Excellent Service, and Reliable
Product Performance
Uteshiya Medicare Manufactures Hip, Knee,
Shoulder, Spine, Trauma, and
Maxillofacial Orthopedic Implants.
High-quality Products
Precision Engineering Excellent
Customer Service.
NuVasive Implants for Spinal Fusion
Deformity Correction Minimally
Invasive Surgery
Advanced Surgical Techniques
and Dedication to Minimally
Invasive Approaches Product
Quality, Patient outcomes,
and Surgeon Training Programs
Smith+Nephew Orthopedic Implants
and devices for Joint Reconstruction,
Sports Medicine,
and Trauma Joint Replacements,
Arthroscopy Systems
Commitment to Innovation,
Product Reliability, and
Surgical Solutions Continuous
Research and Development Efforts.
Zimmer Biomet Offers a Wide Range of Products
for Joint Reconstruction, Trauma,
Spine, and Sports Medicine.
Surgical Techniques have contributed
to Positive Patient outcomes and
improved quality of life.

Final Words

Medical advances in the field of orthopedics are being led by the top orthopedic implant companies. These businesses are making a huge impact on the lives of people all around the world by constantly innovating and researching new treatments. They are persistent in their pursuit of better surgical results and patient well-being across the board, from joint replacements and spinal implants to trauma remedies. These top orthopedic implant companies are reshaping the orthopedic industry with innovative technology and ground-breaking designs.

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