As one of the most complex weight-bearing joints, the knee can be particularly be susceptible to the injuries and deterioration in the form of osteoarthritis. If you are one of the millions of who are suffering from immense pain due to an orthopaedic injury or degenerative condition like arthritis, chances are you have had to […]

Orthopaedic surgery requires continuous use of a lot of surgical instruments. There are several instruments and implants lying around a surgeon’s table while operating a surgical process. These comprises of metal rods, scissors, hammers and other instruments. Uteshiya Medicare manufactures and supplies a wide range of high quality orthopaedic implants and instruments as per specific […]

The ACL i.e. Anterior Cruciate Ligament, is one of four major knee ligaments that provides stability to the knee. Most of the people who have injured their ACL often complain that they feel like their knee is “giving out”. Therefore, many patients who sustain an ACL tear tend to have surgical treatment for this injury. […]

Knee replacement is becoming a common remedy which is generally offered to aged people, to get rid of uninvited knee troubles.  But, not every aged person requires knee replacement. So, before we discuss the major types of knee replacement, let us understand the circumstances that ask for it. Osteoarthritis is the most common ailment that […]

With this year’s budget plan the government plans to amend the drugs and medical devices rules to make them more affordable and available at reasonable prices. The main focus is kept on the new rules regarding medical devices, aiming to attract investments in this sector to ensure the availability of the medicines and medical implants […]