Osteoarthritis of the knee is an ailment that effects the knee joint. This is also known as wear & tear arthritis because in this condition, the cartilage of the knee which cushions and lubricates the joints wears off reducing the joints ability to move and causing immense pain with swelling in the knee. Patients suffering […]

Minimally invasive hip replacement surgery is also known as laparoscopic surgery, arthroscopy or a keyhole surgery. This is a treatment administered to patients diagnosed with hip arthritis. The objective of this procedure is to replace the hip joint with orthopedic implants that help the joint regain its functionality. A minimally invasive hip replacement surgery involves […]

Total knee replacement is a surgical procedure used to treat knee joints which are worn out. Usually, this is recommended in cases of severe osteoarthritis. In such cases, the patient’s joint bones have been rendered useless due to breakdown of the joint cartilage. The procedure involves removing of the damaged cartilage and bone, and replacing […]

Wrist Arthroplasty in the wrist is very less common than knee or hip replacement but can be an option if you have painful arthritis that does not respond to other treatments. In wrist arthroplasty, the damaged parts of the wrist bones are removed and replaced with orthopedic implants. Wrist replacement surgery may help retain or […]

Recovery from orthopedic surgery can take a lot of time, but there are some tips you can follow up to make the process go as quickly as possible. Here are some of the basic but effective tips for recovering quickly from an orthopedic surgery: 1)  Strictly Follow Post-Operation Instructions Immediately after the surgery, you will […]