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Instruments are designed to be fluid in layout and intuitive in function.

Makes the surgery experience one of ease from pre-op to close.
Uteshiya Medicare is an orthopaedic implants manufacturers & suppliers company approved by FDA and ISO. We are leading manufacturer & supplier of trauma implants for the surgical treatment of bone fractures, abnormalities and diseases of the hands, arms, hips, pelvis, legs, ankles and feet. Uteshiya Medicare an orthopaedic implants manufacturer furnishes physicians worldwide with a comprehensive suite of products. Among them are intramedullary nails, cannulated screws, external fixation devices, plates and related instrumentation. Committed to improving surgical treatment and serving individual patient needs, Uteshiya Medicare invests heavily in research and development. Resulting innovations in materials and technologies help surgeons to choose the best solution for every patient and procedure

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At Uteshiya Medicare we understand that we are part of responsible Health care sector, Where we do production of best possible product with keeping patient care as our first and foremost approach. Design of product is done with keeping in mind the suggestion from well educated and experience surgeons, Timely delivery of product is done with keeping in mind the requirements of our distribution partners.

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life at uteshiya medicare

Uteshiya Medicare is one of the fastest growing company in India’s healthcare sector, Work envirnment is full of excitement,Learning,Personal Development & Empowerment.
Each team member is given full opportunity to showcase his/her potential. We are proud on our team and excited to increase the strength with people who are willing to contribute to the UTESHIYA Growth Story.

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