Why Exercise is important for bone health ?

A famous line in Biomechanics quotes, ” If you work you will gain and if not you will lose it.”

As humans grow old in their age, they start to experience pain in their bones and joints. But the ones who exercise regularly do not have to experience these problems. Do you know the reason behind this? If not you can find your answer hereā€¦

Bone is a living tissue. It changes over time when a force is applied. When the applied force is more, more bone mass is produced, and hence the density increases. As the density increases, strength also increases which does not lead to any problems in the bone.

How can more force be applied to bones?
The answer is EXERCISE.
Exercises work as an external force on bones and muscles. It helps the bone to achieve more density. Various exercises can be performed for the different types of bones present in the human body. They help in achieving proper body posture and good bone coordination.

The best age to start practicing exercises is between 12-18 since the bone mass produced during this period prevails for a longer time period. Practicing exercises after the age of 30, the gain of bone mass is less slightly to occur but will prevent the loss of bone mass. Hence exercises are beneficial either way.