Patient specific implants becoming first choice

Customized 3d printed implant

Why patient-specific implants are required?
Traditionally available standard size implants do not suit all the patients perfectly which might lead to infections, swelling, and other problems after the patient has undergone surgery. In order to overcome this problem doctors opt for patient- specific implants that can perfectly suit the patients that are designed according to the patient geometry.

How it is designed?
In order to design a patient-specific implant, the biomedical engineers use various software available. At first, they use software such as 3d slicers, Materialise Mimic, etc., to convert MRI, CT patient data into a 3 model. Later these models are exported to CAD software to design patient-specific implants. Finally, the 3d model is sent for 3d printing.

Risk/ Failure
Patient-specific implants have a very low risk/failure when compared with
traditional implants. These implants can be designed for any parts of the human body.

Future of Patient-specific implants
Patient-specific implants are becoming a revolution in the industry of implants. It has the ability to completely change the implant industry from the traditional implants into patient-specific implants unit 2030.