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Assured Quality Standards Orthopedic Implants For Bone Injuries And Replacements

Orthopaedic surgery requires continuous use of a lot of surgical instruments. There are several instruments and implants lying around a surgeon’s table while operating a surgical process. These comprises of metal rods, scissors, hammers and other instruments. Uteshiya Medicare manufactures and supplies a wide range of high quality orthopaedic implants and instruments as per specific standards. Thus, the Indian surgeons can depend fully on the domestic manufacturers for orthopaedic and trauma implants along with surgical instruments.

All Major Orthopaedic Implants and Instruments Manufactured

In most of the bone injuries, the surgeons advise their patients for bone replacement. Most of the Orthopaedic surgeries require the implants for performing that specific surgery. Orthopaedic Implants are required to replace damaged joints or bones. Metal Rods, plates, and screws are the major implants that surgeons frequently use. For example, metal rods are used for saving the bones from breaking.

The surgeons can have access to all kinds of Orthopaedic implants such as bone screw, bone plates, head, nail, pin, lock screw, lock plate, hip prosthesis system, external fixation –clamp type and ring type, spine screw system, expandable cage system, cage system to name a few from

Maxillofacial Implants

Maxillofacial surgery is about treating a wide range of diseases and injuries. The surgeon corrects defects also in the head, neck, jaws, and face. The soft tissues of the mouth, jaws and face region are involved in the surgery, which requires careful inserting and placing of maxillofacial implants.

We are well known for the Quality Standards of surgical specialization in this field and are also one of the leading manufacturer of maxillofacial instruments, which are mini implants. These useful implants are also crucial for performing a hand surgery. Mini plants are also in used for many neurological surgeries. Only premium qualities of implants that are precisely engineered are delivered to the surgeon by Uteshiya Medicare.

High Quality Standards Followed

Orthopaedic implants and instruments are inserted into a body, which means that their quality must adhere to the high-quality standards. Each of our orthopaedic implant and instrument undergoes strict quality surveillance along with required documentation. This ensures high quality standards at every phase during the manufacturing.

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