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New Era of Medical Implants

In the present 21st century new technologies are emerging every day and conquering the whole world. One such technology that finds its place in these technologies is 3D printing which is also known as additive manufacturing. The 3D printing technology finds its applications in various fields such as Aerospace, Automotive, Education, Robotics, etc., because it […]

Patient specific implants becoming first choice

Why patient-specific implants are required?Traditionally available standard size implants do not suit all the patients perfectly which might lead to infections, swelling, and other problems after the patient has undergone surgery. In order to overcome this problem doctors opt for patient- specific implants that can perfectly suit the patients that are designed according to the […]

Assured Quality Standards Orthopaedic Implants For Bone Injuries And Replacements | Uteshiya Medicare

Orthopaedic Implants

Orthopaedic surgery requires continuous use of a lot of surgical instruments. There are several instruments and implants lying around a surgeon’s table while operating a surgical process. These comprises of metal rods, scissors, hammers and other instruments. Uteshiya Medicare manufactures and supplies a wide range of high quality orthopaedic implants and instruments as per specific […]