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BUDGET 2017- What’s in Store for Medical Implants and Drugs Industry

With this year’s budget plan the government plans to amend the drugs and medical devices rules to make them more affordable and available at reasonable prices. The main focus is kept on the new rules regarding medical devices, aiming to attract investments in this sector to ensure the availability of the medicines and medical implants […]

Orthopedic Prosthesis Requirements and Manufacturing based in India

Orthopedic Prosthesis Requirements and Manufacturing

In the existing world of medicine, a number of people undergo offensive orthopedic measures on a regular basis to improve a medical disorder, so that they can recommence their usual practices and get back to a healthy mode of life. Orthopedic Prosthesis are medical devices that are utilized to substitute or make an available fixation […]

Medical Implants: Timely Consultation, Risks Involved, Advancements and Quality Manufacturing

Medical Implants

Medical implants are devices that are positioned on the surface or inside the human body through surgery. There are multiple types of implants, projected to substitute and support damaged body parts and tissues. In the modern medical scenario, implants are now utilized and can be placed in every human body part for surgical treatments. Medical […]

Ankle Replacement Surgery Procedures, Post-operative Measures & Projections

Ankle Replacement Surgery

Ankle Replacement Surgery comes into picture when there is a need to replace the injured bone or the cartilage in the ankle joint. Artificial joint parts which are often called prosthetics are utilized to substitute your own bones. There are diverse forms of ankle replacement surgeries. Major Symptoms and Reasons for Ankle Replacement Surgery The […]

Treatment, Development and Advancements into Spinal Fusion Implants

Spinal Fusion Surgery

Spinal implants are medical devices surgeons utilize during the surgeries for treating deformity. Deformities treated by spinal implants comprise of disorders like traumatic fractures, spondylolisthesis, kyphosis, degenerative disc disease and scoliosis. The implants steady and reinforce the spine to facilitate fusion. Spinal Fusion Implants are created through materials which are body-friendly and provide optimal spinal balance. […]

Trauma Implants: Considerations, Quality Manufacturing & Expertise

Trauma Implants

Pеорlе suffer loss of mobility to different extents due to wounds, accidental injuries or through aging. In many scenarios this causes unbearable раіn аnd difficulties. When dосtоrѕ examine and determine that the рrоblеm саn оnlу be solved by a trauma implants ѕurgеrу, by augmenting or rерlасing the аffесtеd body part or the jоіnt, this is […]

Orthopedic Implants: Surgical Processes and Advanced Technology

orthopedic implants

Orthopedic operation theaters are like vehicle repair garage. One will find wrenches, hammers and other different metal tools which are used to deal with human bodies. Orthopedic surgery needs medical devices that fully substitute or partially support injured bones and joints. Metal rods are utilized to evade bones from further breaking. Plates, screws, rods and pins are […]

Biological process behind role of vitamin B12 in bone formation unravelled

Researchers have uncovered a previously unknown biological process involving vitamin B12 and taurine that regulates the production of new bone cells. This pathway could be a potential new target for osteoporosis treatment. In humans it is well known that vitamin deficiencies lead to stunted growth, but the underlying mechanisms have long been a mystery. In […]