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Welcome to Uteshiya Medicare

Orthopedic Implants Manufacturers & Suppliers Company

Uteshiya Medicare is an orthopedic implants manufacturers & Suppliers company approved by FDA and ISO 13485:2003. We are India based orthopedic implants manufacturer and supplier.

Uteshiya Medicare Private Limited is envisaged, Incorporated and established in the year 2013 as strategically diversified company in the field of precision Import Substitute Orthopedic Implants by a well-established and well-known Uteshiya Group of Industries. It is managed by a very strong and sound technical legacy set by the Company Directors who have crystal clear foresight and a keen vision with a rich experience and technology savvy background and apt qualification. Our founder directors have humble personalities and have been the professional driving force since the inception of this business group.

The company is set to manufacture and produce excellent prime quality Import Substitute Orthopedic Implants with keen focus on superior service and customer based design and technical solutions.

We optimize and customize operations for maximum efficiency overall cost saving, Improved Customer service, reduced risk and lower capital expenditure. Economics are worked out to achieve the best at minimal cost, to offer the best competitive price.

Our most important capital is the perfect synergy of employee competence and the effective use of global know-how through our own R&D research and practical application.

Our Statement: “Value based performance, ethics, transparency of operations and spirit of excellence epitomize Uteshiya Medicare Private Limited.”

We are inspired to work hand-in-hand with the medical community.

  • Guiding principles for collaboration between Uteshiya Medicare and the medical community.

Collaboration between the Uteshiya Medicare Companies and healthcare professionals is fundamental to advancing the treatment of neurological, and orthopaedic disorders. It is important that this collaboration be based on principles to ensure a relationship built on trust, respect and common goals. With this in mind, Uteshiya Medicare has developed these Principles of Collaboration to help guide our process.

  • Patient safety is our first priority.

Uteshiya Medicare believes that its first priority is to patient safety and public health. It guides all our actions and informs all our decisions. We collaborate and seek to collaborate with those who hold this same belief.

  • Collaboration with surgeons is essential to developing innovative treatments and procedures that advance patient care.

Uteshiya Medicare, working closely with surgeons and other health professionals and experts, has pioneered important advances and innovations that have helped millions of people. Uteshiya Medicare will continue these collaborations to develop the technologies of tomorrow that will transform diagnosis and treatment.

  • Comprehensive planning and needs assessments are conducted to identify current and future needs for collaborations with healthcare professionals.

Uteshiya Medicare goes through a thorough planning and needs assessment process to determine our clinical, educational, research and training requirements. This process helps to guide the funding for the year and the projects we initiate and support.

  • Uteshiya Medicare is committed to conduct its business in accordance with all applicable Health Care Compliance laws, regulations, industry standards, and Its Company policies.

The company has implemented a comprehensive Health Care Compliance program to promote adherence to applicable laws governing Uteshiya Medicare

  • Fair compensation is provided based on contributions and expertise.

Uteshiya Medicare works with leading surgeons, institutions and surgical and medical societies in a variety of ways, including product development, professional education, sales representative training and product testing. For this work, Uteshiya Medicare provides remuneration or an honorarium that is consistent with fair market value, which Uteshiya Medicare endeavors to objectively determine. In some cases, surgeons have contributed intellectual property to help develop implants and instrumentation for which they receive royalty payments on sales. The payment of royalties in consideration of intellectual property contributions is a well-established practice. However, it is our policy that royalties are not payable to a surgeon designer for his/her own purchases of the royalty-bearing products, nor for products purchased by colleagues at the same institution or surgical practice.

  • Use of our products should primarily be based on clinical value followed by other considerations.

Physicians’ decisions about the choice of products in patient care should first and foremost be based on its clinical value and safety followed by its cost effectiveness and economic value to the healthcare system, as well as other factors. We strive to also determine the cost effectiveness of our products by undertaking cost effectiveness and outcomes studies, as appropriate.

  • We believe in open dialogue and on-going evaluation.

We are open to working with all stakeholders including medical societies, regulatory bodies, patient advocates and others to evaluate and determine the best ways to ensure collaboration that is in the best interest of the public health.

  • Our mission—trust and respect.

Uteshiya Medicare is committed to being the most trusted and respected medical devices company in the world. We do this with integrity, social and environmental responsibility, and respect for our customers and the patients they care for. We remain committed to innovation with purpose, world-class education, exceptional customer service, major investments in research and development, and support of various charitable organizations. We will continue to collaborate with those who care most about advancing treatment technology and improving the lives of patients all over the world.

  • Our Credo

At the Uteshiya Medicare, our commitment to caring is guided by the our Credo. This set of beliefs directs our decisions and confirms our actions, declaring that we must be a responsible corporate citizen, a respectful employer, a considerate neighbor and a contributing member of our community.
We strive to fulfill these values both at work and in our communities. From environmental improvements at our manufacturing sites that reduce waste and improve sustainability, to product donations that benefit the most needy, to volunteerism by our employees in local schools, the Uteshiya Medicare proudly demonstrate our commitment to delivering a caring touch in the communities around us.