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The treatment of Osteoarthritis lies in our own joints


Everyone succumbs to osteoarthritis as they age. Osteoarthritis causes pain and stiffness in the joints and is the most common form of arthritis. However protection or sparring of our joints from progressive degeneration due to osteoarthritis could be well determined by the endocannabioid system which is found in the synovial tissue and fluid that surround […]

Uteshiya Medicare opens new office in New Zealand

Ahmedabad, India and Auckland, New Zealand, May 20, 2014 Uteshiya Medicare, leading manufacturer of orthopedic implants, announces a new representative office in Auckland, New Zealand to increase reachability of the organization and build stronger ties with industry veterans. Jignesh Uteshiya, Director, Uteshiya Medicare said, “We are strategically diversified organization, inclined to provide value products with […]